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Infratech heaters have the practical function of heating an area, inside or outside.  Infratech professionals work with hotels, resort, entertainment precincts as well as homeowners to design an exclusive plan for your heating needs including assorted colours, size, controller and mounting options.  Infratech heaters can be flush, ceiling, wall, or pole mounted.

Infratech is often the first choice of architects, engineers and designers.  They work with these front-line people to design a perfect heating solution for your home or commercial space.

Infratech heaters can be found in homes, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, hotels, resorts, cafes etc. Big complexes such as hotels and resorts have very specific needs.  Infratech is able to work with these industries to create heating design solutions adequate for their large spaces. We work with all design teams in house which makes it easy to customise your heating solutions for any special project.

Infratech offers the widest range of fixtures, installations options and control capabilities.  We can offer a variety of options when it comes to creating your most comfortable spaces.

If you need any help your Infratech professional can provide you with the extensive personalised service you need to determine which heater or combination of heaters will work best for your project.

If you are about to start a renovation now is the time to consult your Infratech expert.  Infratech can customise and design a heating solution to maximise your space and minimise your cost.  This is not an opportunity you want to miss so make it a priority in the renovation budget.

Infratech heaters, as reviewed by Danny Chadwick explains:  “The Infratech patio heater has a minimal design and provides heat to your patio without getting in the way. You never have to worry about refilling a fuel tank, and there aren’t a lot of moving parts.”

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Infratech design choices after often used by some of the most sought-after commercial and residential properties in the world.

Leading architects, designers and premium home builders, engineers and homeowners choose the Infratech brand as much for the industry-leading quality and performance for a broad array of benefits offered by the electric heating systems.

The distinctive quartz elements generate a safe, clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects so they transfer heat to a person, a table, a chair or floor as opposed to heating the air.

The energy efficient infrared heaters convert over 90% of input energy directly into radiant heat.  They require minimal maintenance and are very cost efficient to run costing only cents per hour.

When your Infratech medium wave electric heaters operate outside, they provide a low glow which will enhance the ambience of your gathering.  Shortwave or halogen heaters produce a harsh glare.  Infratech heaters operate in silence, emit no greenhouse gases or odours and do not require ventilation.

Infratech electric heaters offer versatility in all aspects of their design choice, from custom colouring to mounting options which include flush, wall mounted or pole mounted, as well as control options.


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