What has these 2 Celebrities and Outdoor Electric Heaters have in Common?

What does Lebron James, all-time NBA superstar and Lenny Kravitz, all-time music Rockstar, have to do with outdoor electric heaters you ask? When it came to fit their luxurious homes, Infratech was at the top of their list of inclusions.

Lenny Kravitz – Outdoor Lifestyle with Infratech

Rock star Lenny Kravitz has recently purchased a home for a reported $38 million. It is located near the Sunset Strip.  As well as being one of LA’s most premium real estate areas  Kravitz himself headed up the design team.  It is a completely bespoke design with a mid-century mod luxury theme as a foundation for Kravitz inspiration.

Kravitz has spared no expense when designing his dream house.  Boasting a 270 degrees vista, it has privacy and security.  The build would not have been complete without a nightclub on the premises, named Disco Volante. Often the challenge for designers is to make the transition between indoors and outdoors feel seamless.   Kravitz Design has met this challenge.  You can enjoy the inside of the home then move through to the outside area and greeted by the stunning view along with the jaw-dropping pool.  With such a high-end design, one would surely want to take advantage of the stunning view and the outdoor living space as much as possible. Fortunately, Kravitz Design installed a series of flush-mounted Infratech heaters for adjustable climate control that’s an essential element of outdoor luxury and heating solutions.

Lenny Kravitz Chooses Infratech Heaters
Lenny Kravitz – Outdoor Lifestyle with Infratech

Lebron James and Infratech Outdoor Heating

LeBron James recently purchased a stunning spec mansion in the Brentwood neighbourhood of Los Angeles for a reported  $23 million. Architecturally designed by Ken Ungar, the home features sweeping city-to-ocean views, immaculate landscaping, and a balmy climate. The interior of the house has been overseen by designer Tiffany Harris.   The property features sweeping city-to-ocean views and immaculate landscaping.  The balmy climate just begs for the guests and host to enjoy the outdoor aspect of the house.

The design team made the most of the property, installing oversized glass doors that lead out into a loggia overlooking a swimming pool and spa. Flush-mounted Infratech heaters blend seamlessly into the ceiling of the outdoor dining area, offering the year-round enjoyment of this gorgeous premium space. Infratech designers can work with you to create integration options and convenient universal panel controls. Infratech is the smart choice for luxury homeowners who want the convenience of outdoor climate control accessible on their smart devices.

Lebron James and Infratech Outdoor Heating
Lebron James and Infratech Outdoor Heating

Infrared Heating Technology – How Does it Work?

The Infratech Heater incorporates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared energy. Infratech infrared heating delivers 90% efficiency outdoors.  It does not lose continuum with the wind or elements, it is directional and produces an

incredibly high power of radiant heat, consistently. The infrared component of the design transmits the heat only the surrounding objects (tables, chairs, floors) and people.  The key to the energy efficiency of a radiant heater is in the unique design of this heating device. Infrared heaters work in a completely different way to provide warmth. They rely on electromagnetic radiation. This is the process of heating actual objects through energy that is radiated in the form of electromagnetic waves. These waves are not visible to the human eye, but they can be felt and produce heat. The waves of energy are produced by a radiant heat and do not need to be transmitted through a material medium. Infratech heaters do not emit odours or greenhouse gases and are silent in their operation, unlike gas heaters.  They also do not require any ventilation.

Infrared Heaters – Are they Energy Efficient?

Infratech Heaters produce safe infrared radiant energy that is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air. Electric Infrared Heat is remarkably efficient and cost-effective. Over 90% of the input energy is converted directly to radiant heat. Infratech heaters focus that energy on biomass rather than the open air so that it is effective at large distances.  In addition, Infratech heaters emit no harmful ultraviolet rays or emissions.  This makes them an ideal choice for heating large outdoor areas.  For example bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants where the safety of patrons and the general public is important.

What makes Infratech heaters different?

Infratech electric heaters offer versatility in all aspects of their design choice, from custom colouring to mounting options which include flush, wall mounted or pole mounted, as well as control options.

We work with all design teams in-house which makes it easy to customise your heating solutions for any special project.

Infratech offers the widest range of fixtures, installations options and control capabilities.  We can offer a variety of options when it comes to creating your most comfortable spaces.

If you need any help your Infratech professional can provide you with the extensive personalised service you need to determine which heater or combination of heaters will work best for your project.

If you are about to start a renovation now is the time to consult your Infratech expert.  Infratech can customise and design a heating solution to maximise your space and minimise your cost.  This is not an opportunity you want to miss so make it a priority in the renovation budget.

Infratech heaters, as reviewed by Danny Chadwick explains:

“The Infratech patio heater has a minimal design and provides heat to your patio without getting in the way. You never have to worry about refilling a fuel tank, and there aren’t a lot of moving parts.”

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