Heater Accessories and Spare Parts

Flush mounted Infratech heaters are as stylish as they are versatile – they can be installed with the edges exposed, or can be partially covered by a drywall, plaster, stucco or tongue-andgroove ceiling treatment. Our team is frequently called upon to collaborate during initial planning stages, in order to provide comprehensive, low-profile flush mounting heating solutions that blend seamlessly into a property’s décor.

Flush mounted heaters are easy to install. For installation instructions, or to find out more about whether flush mounting is right for your space, we invite you to watch the video on the right.

  • Infratech’s W-Series or WD-Series heaters may be flush-mounted into a non-sloped ceiling.
  • Choose from three sizes: a 33″, 39” or 61” frame, and from wattages ranging from 2,000–6,000 watts, depending upon whether you’re using a single or dual element heater.
  • Requires a flat ceiling and minimum 2” x 8” studs, where the heater can face straight down when recessed.
  • Avoid flush mounting the heater close to a ceiling fan or light fixture.
  • You will need to hire a licensed contractor in order to complete a flush mount installation.

W & WD Elements

Replacement element / tube for W & WD Series Heaters

SL Elements

Replacement element / tube for SL Series Heaters



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Infratech heaters products
Infratech heaters products
Infratech heaters products